Our organization is dedicated to fostering excellence through the understanding that everyone is served when everyone is engaged. We provide intercultural competence coaching and consulting. Our aim is to develop thoughtful and well-equipped leaders who can fully engage with difficult issues while expanding and strengthening their organization’s DEIB initiatives.


Reimagining DEIB’s core values are rooted in the understanding that excellence in all business is tied to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We understand that the roots of inequity are deeply entrenched as a part of cultural understanding in communities worldwide. Success in changing these frameworks is about changing the cultural norms that foster inequity. Utilizing a team of anthropologists, behavioral health specialists, educators, and advocates, Reimagining DEIB is dedicated to uprooting inequity through meaningful, long-lasting changes applied to business practices and team-building worldwide.

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Your organization will possess toolkits of knowledge to empower your team and aid in the development of team members who can be relied on as DEIB sustainability experts.


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